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Certificates Of Deposit (CDs)

Lock In Guaranteed Growth

Not all investments come with peace of mind. But, if you’re in the market for a savings tool that promises consistent results no matter how much stock prices rise and fall, you might be looking for a Certificate of Deposit (CD). For as little as $1,000, you can take advantage of the flexible terms and higher interest rates that only a CD from Guaranty can deliver.

A CD allows your hard-earned cash to generate passive income for as few as seven days or as many as five years. Either way, you’ll enjoy low-risk, compound returns — meaning that the longer you hang on to your savings, the more your earning potential will continue to grow.

For your convenience, we offer both a Standard CD and an Online CD Special. You can begin the application process by talking with a friendly and caring Guaranty banker about your term and rate options or applying online today.

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Guaranty Certificate of Deposit Account Highlights


Interest-Bearing Account1
Laddered Investment Opportunities


$1,000 Minimum Opening Balance
Early Withdrawals May Incur Penalties

Online CD Specials

Term: 12 months
Annual Percentage Yield (APY*) 4.45%

Open Online Special

*APY effective as of April 10, 2023. APY is subject to change without notice. Minimum opening balance of the online special is $2,500. Must maintain a minimum balance of $2,500 to obtain the disclosed Annual Percentage Yield (APY). May incur penalties for early withdrawal.

1For current interest rate information, please call 888-572-9881 or come by any Guaranty Bank & Trust location.

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