Environmental Stewardship

Reducing our Impact

We are dedicated to conducting business responsibly, and we know that doing so will enable us to provide long-term, sustainable value to our shareholders and society. We will continue to identify ways we can reduce our environmental impact, with a focus on providing exceptional customer service and supporting strong communities.

Our customer-focused initiatives help us reduce our environmental impact by decreasing paper waste and travel-related emissions. They also significantly improve our customer experience and help us achieve internal efficiencies, which benefits all our shareholders. For example,

  • We have transitioned most of our banking products and services to digital platforms, which allows our customers to quickly and efficiently conduct transactions, including mobile deposits, transfers between accounts, and loan payments, without physically traveling to a bank location. As a result, our customers save time and money, and we decrease our carbon emissions footprint.
  • To reduce paper waste, we utilize electronic signature technology through DocuSign®, and provide and encourage electronic statements for all accounts.


Internally, we have implemented several initiatives that help us reduce our environmental impact.

  • Like most other businesses, we leverage videoconferencing technology to limit business travel and associated emissions.
  • As we upgrade our physical bank locations and open new locations, we are investing in environmentally friendly and energy efficient materials and lighting where possible.
  • We use software to virtualize servers in the datacenter and at our bank locations, which limits hardware requirements, reduces hardware waste, and decreases energy use.
  • We also have device power policies and systems that automatically place computer monitors, phones, and other devices in sleep mode to conserve energy when not in use.