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Taking Care Of Texas’ Small Businesses Is Our Top Priority

We’ve learned a lot about our neighbors in the 100 (and counting) years that we’ve helped them manage their finances. We’ve certainly come to appreciate that Texans are a naturally entrepreneurial lot. Their ambition, ingenuity, grit, and ability to weather volatile market conditions have made the Lone Star State the United States’ second-largest economy. And, lucky for us, Texas’ sheer size means there’s always plenty of room for more entrepreneurs to turn their big ideas into remarkable success stories. If you’re ready to begin that journey, take the first step by checking this Guaranty-curated collection of small business resources.

Don’t Just Make A Business Plan — Put It In Motion

Every journey needs a road map. A business plan provides you with the guidance you need to reach your milestones, from announcing your grand opening to sustaining a positive cash flow to expanding to a new location. But a business plan is more than that. It’s also a way for you to gain buy-in from those investors who are instrumental in accelerating your growth.


Getting Funding For Your Business

Now is a great time to strike out on your own. Why? Because entrepreneurs no longer have to go it alone. They have access to start-up incubators, mentorship networks, and very 21st-Century options for raising capital, such as microloans and crowdfunding campaigns.

We celebrate these innovations at Guaranty. But we also acknowledge that there’s significant value to be realized in adhering to the tried-and-true principles of forming — and nurturing — lasting relationships. In fact, the partnerships you establish with trusted lenders and local bankers who are willing to share their financial expertise can be among the most productive relationships you’ll ever have.


Nothing Succeeds Like Local Success

Our Guaranty bankers take great pride and pleasure in putting their versatility, know-how, and commitment to their own professional growth to work for their small business customers. They also believe that, when it comes to ensuring our communities’ economic health and well-being, we are stronger together. Together, we are Guaranty Bank & Trust. You’re welcome to join us.

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