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SBA 7(a) Loans

Our small business loans can help you with real estate purchases, refinance, construction, business acquisition or partner buyout, medical practice start-up or provide you with working capital.

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SBA Loan Key Advantages

  • Higher loan amounts
  • Lower down payments
  • Longer terms

Key Features

  • Up to 90% financing
  • Up to 25 years, fully amortized
  • Fixed and variable rates


  • Real estate purchase, refinance or construction
  • Business acquisition or partner buyout
  • Medical practice start-up
  • Working capital


  • SBA guarantee fee
  • Loan Packaging fee
  • Environmental/ Appraisal fee when applicable
  • Additional fees may be applicable for construction loans
  • Fees may be financed

Purpose of Loan: Commercial real estate purchase, expansion, construction, or refinance.  Other loan purposes; business acquisitions, start-ups, franchises, furniture, fixtures and equipment, inventory and working capital.

Loan Amount:  Up to $5,000,000

Capital Injection:  Minimum 10% down payment with the exception of debt refinance loans, which may require no down payment

Loan Term:  From 7 years to up to 25 years fully amortized

Interest Rate:  Floating rate, up to 2.75% above Wall Street Journal prime rate; adjusted quarterly; fixed rate option available

Prepayment Penalty:  If a loan is for less than 15 years, there is no prepayment penalty.  If a loan is for 15 years or more, the borrower can prepay up to 20%.  If more than 20% is paid in the first 12 months a 5% penalty is incurred; 12-24 months, 3%; 24-36 months, 1%; after 36 months no penalty is incurred.

Collateral:  First lien mortgage on business real estate, and UCC filings on machinery and equipment, accounts receivable and inventory

Equity:  Up to 90%

Personal Guarantee:  Guarantee of all principals who own 20% or more of the business