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Liquidity Solutions

Liquidity services help businesses and corporations pay their short-term obligations. Cash is the most liquid asset, which helps you fulfill payroll needs, pay your vendors, and fulfill other financial obligations. Guaranty offers Automated Sweeps and Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) as part of liquidity services.

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Automated Sweeps

  • Keep your money working for you — automatically
  • Maintain target balances while maximizing interest earnings
  • Receive benefits where you need them the most:
  • Designate a target checking balance
  • Excess funds are automatically swept into an interest-bearing investment account
  • The principal is automatically transferred back into your checking account the next day
  • Funds are swept back over to your checking should you fall short of your balance

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

  • Perfect for companies with multiple divisions, stores, or operating units
  • More than one ZBA can be linked to the primary account
  • Multiple account balances are concentrated into one, centralized account
  • Funds are disbursed to individual ZBA accounts only when necessary to cover checks or debits
  • Concentrate funds, eliminating idle balances and simplifying account management
  • Maintain required balances for disbursements while maximizing excess balances
  • Transactions flow through separate accounts for audit purposes while balances are consolidated for funding
  • Eliminate the need for manual transfers between bank accounts
  • Separate statements for each account