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Real Estate, Oil, Gas, Minerals Management Fees

Real Estate

Real Estate Management fees are charged in arrears on an annual basis as follows:

  • Commercial 5% of gross rents
  • Agricultural 5% of gross rents
  • Apartments 10% of gross rents
  • Residential 10% of gross rents
  • Minimum Annual Fee $120/property

Expenses for maintenance, repairs, and professional services such as legal, accounting, tax returns, or similar items associated with the real property will be billed to the account at cost at the time of remittance.

Custodial accounts require specific direction by the account owner or the designated agent for the remittance of such expenses.

Guaranty does not provide investment research, review, valuation services, or advice for custodial accounts.

Leasing and Sale Fees

Land and Mineral Management Leasing and Sale fees will be charged in addition to the Real Estate and Mineral Management fees. All fees are in addition to the Trustee, and Investment Management or Custodial Services fees.

Lease Negotiation Bonus: 6% bonus payment or a minimum of $350 whichever is greater.

Sale or Purchase: maximum 6% of sale or purchase price if direct and 1% if real estate agent facilitated.

Oil, Gas, and Minerals

Mineral Management service fees are charged in arrears on a monthly basis as follows

Producing: Mineral Royalty Interest

  • 6% of Revenue
  • $35/Annual Charge per Asset
  • $12.50 Ad Valorem Tax Payment per parcel

Producing: Non-Operated Leasehold (Working Interest)

  • $50/Annual Charge per Property

Non-Producing: Leasehold

  • $125/Annual Charge per Property

Additional Fees

Additional fees for the following items are according to the published schedule at the time and are in addition to the Trustee and Investment Management or Custodial Services fees. Fees may be altered based on the time involved to complete the transaction.

Extraordinary Services: special administration services performed at professional time rates plus out-of-pocket expenses.

Termination: annual minimum custodial or fiduciary fee plus reimbursement of expense charges already incurred or to be incurred for all accounts to the time of and including actual transfer in the event these have not been already applied or taken.

Special Asset Acceptance Review: non-publicly traded assets held in trust are subject to an account acceptance review fee of $1,500.

LAMM Schedule appended 122816

Investment products are not FDIC insured, are not bank guaranteed, and may lose value.